What Goes into Potty-Training?!!


Well, this particular subject has been fairly easy for me…Thankfully!! And the reason I chose this subject is because my little one has just succeeded in it!! Here’s a little piece of mine story, made easy with

Imse Visme-Training Pants

Being a Mom of two Pretty darn sweet girls, I for some odd reason have always dreaded potty training, even before I even had any children, I thought this must be one of the hardest things to do, seriously !!

I got my hands on a couple of potty training books and thought this is all I need for success!! Right? .lol.. Well, when my first born turned 22 months I thought now is the time.. so I had her sit on the potty about every hour ( I set a timer) I tried that for at least a week, but, she either went potty before or after and then I gave up. After she turned 2yrs old I tried something different.. I didn’t put any diapers on her, I just had her run around bare naked …. and unfortunately that didn’t work. So I gave up….and then a couple weeks later she started going on the potty on her own and Ta-Da, she was potty trained within a week and without my help…..did I mention??

And the same goes for my 2yr old now . I tried again before she turned 2, and now she is 27 months old and potty trained on her own!! So what goes into potty training in my theory? They will take off on their own when it’s time.. On Their Own!!

All I do suggest are these awesome cloth potty training diapers, Imse Visme -Training Pants, that are comfortable on their skin, and easy enough for them to pull on and off !! and I will say they do run bigger in their size, machine washable, they will last a few lifetimes! I love, love these!! They might cost you a little more at one time payment, but in the long run you are saving if you buy throw-away diapers all the time, why not invest in these? you won’t be disappointed!

Feel free to leave comment or if you have any questions? Good Luck!